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Position TitleJob TypeCityState
Sheet Metal Fabricator - NWG 00067Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Material Coordinator - WCI - NWG 00015Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Secretary III - SO - NWG 00051Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machine Tool Repair - Mechanic - NWG 00059Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machinist IV Open - NWG 00019Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician V - Test Tech - NWG 00053Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machine Tool Repair - Mechanic Open - NWG 00060Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machinist - Metal Fabricator Open - NWG 00036Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Project Scheduler - NWG 00017Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Contract Administrator - Subcontract Analyst - NWG 00061Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician IV/V - Mechanical Technician - NWG 00066Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Mechanical Inspector Open - NWG 00037Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Administrative Assistant - Contract Coordinator - NWG 00062Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Secretary III - Central Clearance - NWG 00075Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Network Engineer - NWG 00054Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Payroll Analyst - NWG 00007Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Administrative Data Support Specialist - NWG 00073Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician IV – Duty Engineer - NWG 00027Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Systems Engineering Support Administrator - NWG 00069Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Secretary III - ES&H - NWG 00082Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Mechanical Design Engineer - NWG 00023Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Electronics Designer Drafter - NWG 00008Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Design Drafter Open - Mechanical Designer - NWG 00009Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Electronics Design Engineer – Design Drafter - NWG 00024Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Drafter/CAD Operator IV – Electronics Designer Drafter - NWG 00026Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Drafter/CAD Operator III-IV - NWG 00071Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician V - NWG 00038Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician IV/V - Cable Cat 5/6 Fabrication - NWG 00011Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Designer Drafter Open – Mechanical Designer - NWG 00072Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Facilities Manager - NWG 00016Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Electronic Fabrication Technologist/Engineering Technician V/VI - NWG 00010Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician / Cryogenics Operator - NWG 00020Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician – Diagnostic Assembly/Installation Technician - NWG 00021Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician - Target Diagnostics Systems Operator - NWG 00022Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician IV – LEOT / Laser Systems Operator - NWG 00029Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Engineering Technician V / Power Conditioning Systems Operations and Maintenance Technician - NWG 00028Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Construction SuperintendentFull TimeHuntsvilleAlabama
Director of Enterprise Application SupportFull TimeRichlandWashington
Procurement RepresentativeFull TimeRichlandWashington
Subcontractor RepresentativeFull TimeRichlandWashington
Director of IT InfrastructureFull TimeRichlandWashington
AccountantFull TimeRichlandWashington
Director of Product ManagementFull TimeRichlandWashington
Accounting LeadFull TimeRichlandWashington
Director of Cyber SecurityFull TimeRichlandWashington
Payroll SpecialistFull TimeRichlandWashington
Quality Assurance ManagerFull TimeRichlandWashington
HR Specialist / RecruiterFull TimeRichlandWashington
HR SpecialistFull TimeRichlandWashington
HR SupervisorFull TimeRichlandWashington
Director of Labor RelationsFull TimeRichlandWashington
HR Labor Relations SpecialistFull TimeRichlandWashington
Administrative Services, Project Integration ManagerFull TimeRichlandWashington
Project Integration Manager, ITFull TimeRichlandWashington
FSO / Training and Property AdministratorFull TimeRichlandWashington
Environmental Specialist/EngineerFull TimeSalt Lake CityUtah
Sr. RCTFull TimeLuckeyOhio
Environmental ManagerFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Environmental Scientist/EngineerFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Environmental Scientist/EngineerFull TimeSacramentoCalifornia
RCT SupervisorFull TimeLuckeyOhio
Project CoordinatorFull TimeLuckeyOhio
LaborerFull TimeLuckeyOhio
Industrial Hygiene TechnicianFull TimeLuckeyOhio
Business ManagerFull TimeRichlandWashington
Sr. Contract Administrator/Contract ManagerFull TimeDenverColorado
Project Controls Engineer (Multiple Cities)Full TimeSalt Lake CityUtah
LaborerFull TimeMoabUtah
Heavy Equipment OperatorFull TimeLuckeyOhio
Equipment OperatorFull TimeMoabUtah
Truck DriverFull TimeCrescent JunctionUtah
SuperintendentFull TimeMorgantownWest Virginia
Sr. Construction ManagerFull TimeKnoxvilleTennessee
Superintendent IFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Electrical EngineerFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Construction Inspector/ Quality Assurance RepresentativeFull TimeYumaArizona
Civil Water EngineerFull TimeSacramentoCalifornia
Lead MEP EngineerFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Civil/Geotechnical EngineerFull TimeDenverColorado
Civil-Water Program DirectorFull TimeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Lead Civil EngineerFull TimeKnoxvilleTennessee
Civil/Geotechnical EngineerFull TimeSan AntonioTexas
Electrical EngineerFull TimeSacramentoCalifornia
Civil Water EngineerFull TimeDenverColorado
Civil Water EngineerFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Civil Water EngineerFull TimeSan AntonioTexas
Architectural HistorianFull TimeSierra VistaArizona
Environmental SpecialistFull TimeSierra VistaArizona
Contract ManagerFull TimeRichlandWashington
Project Manager IIFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Site SuperintendentFull TimeHonoluluHawaii
Site Safety & Health OfficerFull TimeFairbanksAlaska
Project Manager / EstimatorFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Project Site SuperintendentFull TimeFairbanksAlaska
Quality Control ManagerFull TimeHonoluluHawaii
Electrical SuperintendentFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Site Safety Health Officer/Quality Control ManagerFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Project ManagerFull TimeAnchorageAlaska
Quality Control ManagerFull TimeKATHERINEAUSTRALIA
Project ManagerFull TimeHagatnaGuam
Health & Safety Specialist III / SSHOFull TimeHonoluluHawaii
General SuperintendentFull TimeFort BlissNew Mexico
Quality Control ManagerFull TimeFort WainwrightAlaska
Contamination WorkerFull TimeWest MifflinPennsylvania
Small Business Program Director/ManagerFull TimeKnoxvilleTennessee
Electrician/Contamination WorkerFull TimeWest MifflinPennsylvania
Proposal ManagerFull TimeMorgantownWest Virginia
Engineer of Radiological WorkFull TimeWest MifflinPennsylvania
Machinist - NWG 00057Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machine Repairer - Electric - NWG 00058Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Machinist Helper / Material Coordinator - NWG 00034Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Material Coordinator - GS - NWG 00046Full TimeLivermoreCalifornia
ArchitectFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Lead Civil EngineerFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Lead MEP EngineerFull TimeKnoxvilleTennessee
Civil/Geotechnical EngineerFull TimeIdaho FallsIdaho
Alarm MonitorPart TimeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Fire Inspector Open - NWG 00039Part TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Physicist - NWG 00047Part TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Secretary III - O&B - NWG 00040Part TimeLivermoreCalifornia
Alarm MonitorPart TimeNorfolkVirginia
Mechanical Engineer - NWG 00070Part TimeLivermoreCalifornia